unexpexted visit -A9 skin


I havent been trying to pump these A9 cover/skins out you know! i think it’s been 1 a week if that. They have been worked on previously before, see i let them sit with me for a while and have a good think for while ,have yarn ,a drink ,a smoke and think more about what should happen to the work if i am going to change its appearence. I guess with this one I can explain. I think of drama,sophistication,attitude,colour combinations beyond the secondary,and beyond that ,and beyond that,and after a while i just stare at it and wait…………………………………………………………………………………….

Zac-2- Close call -1.1- lux level


last night this canvas was Sold, so of course I went back to work on it ,the artwork in general was a concept & presentation for the clients on walcott street Jet-express
Cafe ..plug! I’m yet to have a look at that wall yet as they have installed the propeller that sits (offset) from the mural which was our intention BTW!..anyway….!
back to the canvas :/ yep it has nite life .a little dark & moody ..photo was taken this morning so later i will brush up on the some areas and then we will see how it looks Tonight.

Bivouac-William Street Perth . W.A.

Originally posted on Zach Freshwater (artist):

ImageBivouac William Street -Perth W.A painted by Zach F-20 .

Well I have to say it wasn’t easy getting around all the angles but after several visits i made it work

I freestyled the piece , however I did have the plan mapped out in my head from day 1 . I will be returning to do the right hand side NEXT YEAR :) enjoy and happy New Year to all. Zach F-20


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Retro series Artwork cover – B&o – series 002

The weekend is finally here..! Seeing as it is I shall be making my way to the store again to put this latest one up ,which I was working in rotation to the other Retro 001 piece which has gone to some lucky person out there,I wonder if there witness that glow I put in and I didn’t skimp on it either a ton of it is saturated in the weave..as I said last week i wanted to see it but didn’t ..:(..:/ ..>..<…;) oh well I did with this one ..and i'm very proud how this turned out .At 3pm today it will be on display in the window in the usual Subiaco store .so if your passing by the store this weekend be sure to check this ONE…:)

Original Canvas -(FOR SALE)-


Today I thought i should put up some canvases I have recently painted up for Sale I havent sold one for a while so here goes!! I have (two) of this type available ,the other one is slightly thinner but has the same pine solid back frame ,not overly heavy just a nice weight to hold well / flush to a wall. the colour palette is mostly soft color and metallic and as you can see an element of special lighting within the work ,give great reflections and mood ,so if you need to fill a nice space in your home where a lot of light hits your get plenty of pleasure from this canvas. I’m not asking a lot of Cash so this is going out at the price of $375 smakerooniez’o’s and the other of course slightly lower in cost. If there is an interest from anyone please e-mail me on zachfreshwater@me.com and hopefully this will have a home soon . (oh I’m yet to sign it !)
Happy Christmas in July…:/