Kerry – painted by ZachF20

Titled “Kerry

Located on Walcott Street ,Mount Lawley, Perth Western Australia

is a Mural of a young Lady that past away due to Ovarian Cancer on the wall of her best friend Linda who owns  beauty salon and wanted her sprit to live on commissioned me to do just that. It took only a weekend to do it using

spray can only . This Mural faces the road of Walcott ,Kerry’s beautiful eye’s might capture you as you pass.

enjoy her vibrant colors of purples and oranges as they were Kerry’s favorite color’s. God Bless her Soul.


The New Portable Beoplay A2 sneek peek Covers by Z.Fresh


Exciting News this is the first speaker cover I have designed for the New Beoplay A2 and I have to say I have experienced this new portable , Bluetooth unit and it’s outstanding and I’m not being biased ,tough one to do ,but aren’t they all ha! as it is highly durable plastic cover ,you may also notice stars are placed perfectly on the cover,I didn’t want to go too Z.fresh on it as it is a sophisticated unit, but yeah check it out and it isn’t so heavy on the pocket. I visited the King street Store ,Sydney and met the guys there who are awesome so if your heading that way ….please note this is not in store as of yet but I couldn’t help myself by sharing it with you all. :)

Hiddlestone Electric – Perth Subiaco western Australia Z.Fresh


I cant begin to tell you how long this took ,and I must point out that this Commission was solely for the passing of Vern Hiddlestone who resided in Subiaco and built Hiddlestone electric by hand and was a integral part of the subiaco community

So this is dedicated to Vern Hiddlestone may he Rest in peace.

I spent a lot of hours on this one mostly the use of copper and gold as they are a representation of the best conductor of electricity or electrical current ,everything I know looks like it has arrived from another world but really I was creating gadgets ,lights , motors,and transformers, from the right hand side a plug is inserted and the electrical Ohm symbol on the right ,so it really is all around Hiddlestone Electric.

I would to say a big Thank you to The Hiddlestone Family ,including Shane,Dave,and anyone I have forgotten I love you all, Special Thank you to NAT Hiddlestone for being so supportive God Bless You.xx

photo taken by Nat Hiddlestone.

Electronic forms – Hiddlestone – Subiaco by Zach Freshwater






Ok so before i managed to get back to Beauford I was working solid on Townshed rd Subiaco, Day one was blistering hot and thats kool because Nat from Hiddlestone bless her little cotton socks came rushing around me with plenty of ice and cold drinks ,Big thank you to her and her posse at Hiddlestone. This project took a couple of weeks to get the vision i wanted ,however I am returning this weekend also to finish a few thing’s and another little wall offset from this main one . I’m quite proud of this mural lot’s of movement and gadgets connecting to one another giving a new birth in my style. stay tuned ….Z

Development on Beauford – Metalic drop 2014


It’s been a while since I updated this site sorry about that.
I have been so busy and getting this piece up thus far has been the hardest. I originally
Wanted to introduce one big component and with two other players “Sazar” came and saw the site and introduced a graphic component which starts from the edge in red . Shime also as the background is done in his own brand “Razor” so respect goes out to you fellas. we had a bad run with the weather for ages ,and I admit to the struggle I’ve had in relation to this wall but I can’t let it beat me , now that the festival is over with it’s down to bizzniss !!
I have to finish this this coming weekend as do I on another site which I will talk about later.
I would like to thank Dale Emery for her patience and trust , the town of Vincent for putting up with me .